Home Staging Services

When selling your home, first impressions are everything!

A buyer will decide whether they love or hate a house within the first 20 seconds of walking in the front door. This is because buying a home is largely an emotional decision. It's based on a certain "feeling" people get when entering a home. At Refined Design Living, we have perfected the art of creating this highly desired, warm and inviting feeling that makes buyers want to buy NOW! A buyer who emotionally connects with a home will more than likely tender a very strong or a full-price offer: therefore netting you more money.

Staging Consultation

A homeowner is often too emotionally attached to their home to objectively know how to optimally prepare it for sale. In addition, basic staging principals such as de-cluttering and de-personalizing just aren't enough for today's sophisticated buyer. You need a professional assessment in order to present your house properly to the right buyer. Your home's presentation determines how long it will sit on the market and the sale price. Ensure you receive top dollar by hiring us for a professional consultation.

Occupied Home Staging

When you put your home up for sale you are essentially entering it into a beauty contest. If a buyer looks at 10 homes, they will naturally choose the nicest one. To get an edge over the competition you must look better than them. Our staging service will make this happen! It involves any one of or all of the following: adding or swapping out furniture pieces, rearranging existing furniture, adding accessories and art work, recommending improvements such as painting. Your beautifully staged home will stand out from the competition!

Vacant Home Staging

When viewing a vacant house, potential buyers will probably be asking themselves questions such as: "why is this house vacant?" "Is the seller motivated to sell?" In addition, empty rooms draw the eye to negative features such as uneven baseboards, holes in the wall, stains in the carpet. Don't put these negative thoughts into the minds of a potential buyer! We will beautifully furnish and accessorize your property so the buyers can focus on the overall space and picture themselves living in the home. People buy homes, not houses.