About Refined Design Living

We refine, polish & shine to create a stunning first impression!

Highlighting your property's best features

At Refined Design Living, our goal is to “REFINE your space by putting on the POLISHING touches for SHINING results!”.

Whether it’s furnishings, lighting, color, or organizing, we are here to help you bring about the desired transformation!

As an expert in the staging industry, owner, Rae Lynn Bennett, is committed to partnering with homeowners and realtors alike to refine properties through the staging and redesign process. Putting on the polishing touches to highlight the features of your home will produce a stunning first impression! The shining result is that of a quicker sale while securing the most equity possible. Several properties recently staged by Refined Design Living sold the day of listing, with multiple offers, for over list price!

Rae Lynn Bennett is a Canadian Certified Staging Professional (CCSP) and a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA).

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Why stage your home?

Staged properties sell faster and for more money than unstaged properties

Study after study has proven that staging will get you top dollar and faster sale. The majority of home buyers buy on emotion and they will decide whether they love or hate a house within 20 seconds of walking in the front door! First impressions are therefore everything! In order to get the most money out of your sale, you want to create a WOW factor that will cause a potential buyer to fall in love with your home within that first 20 seconds.

Creating a show home atmosphere

At Refined Design Living, we keep up to date on the latest design trends to transform your home into a refined, modern show home. Ever walked into a builder's show home and fallen in love? Many people have! We combine carefully selected high-end furniture and accessories with proven methods of layout and design to create this gorgeous show home atmosphere. The result is a luxury living space with high emotional impact that people aspire to own. If a buyer "has to have it" they will often go way over their budget and will almost always tender a very strong or full-price offer.

Did you know:
  • Over 90% of home buyers in Canada decide from mls photos online which homes to view. If pictures of your house don't look good, they won't even make an appointment to see it!
  • Sellers think buyers can look past things like bulky furniture, outdated decor or an ugly wall colour, when in reality they rarely can!
  • Empty houses come across as cold and uninviting. Buyers can't picture themselves living there. The difference between a vacant house and a furnished one is like night and day!
  • Buyers are often too emotionally attached to their home to be able know what changes to make to prepare their home for listing.
We solve all these problems by seeing your property from a buyer's perspective. Call us now to see what we can do to beautifully showcase your home's best features!
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